About CBDC Labrador
A Lead Support Agency for Enterprise Development in Labrador
CBDC Labrador has been providing assistance and support to Labrador's business community for over 30 years. In that time, we have helped people with business startups, business expansions and business counselling and business skills development.

CBDC Labrador provides support services to all of Labrador; a region vast but rich in culture and resources. Coverage includes 32 communities spread across 280,000 square kilometres. Several of these communities are only accessible by airplane or by boat in Summer or snowmobile in Winter. We provide a direct line to CBDC funding programs and services and can provide linkages to mechanisms offered by other local, provincial and federal investors.

The portfolio of products and services available at CBDC Labrador allows the corporation to match programs with the needs of the client. Our independent nature allows the Board of Directors to make decisions that cater to the client's request. This flexibility is a important asset given that a majority of lending institutions require clients to fit a fixed formula for approval of an application and can offer only rigid repayment schedules.

The investment fund of CBDC Labrador has nearly doubled since our start. This has been the result of sound investment decisions made by the Board of Directors. This access to capital is very important when considering potential new and expanding businesses in the Labrador region that may require our services. Decisions can easily meet a significant increased demand for loans should the need arise.
Vision and Mission
The vision of CBDC Labrador is to be the lead support agency for business development in the Labrador region.

CBDC Labrador is a community-based regional organization that provides financial and business support services to the whole of Labrador.

Values of CBDC Labrador are centered around:

  • Community
  • Clients
  • Self Reliance
  • Success
  • Local
Who We Are
CBDCs are not-for-profit organizations run by volunteers from the local business community who firmly believe in improving the economic viability of their region. Located throughout rural Atlantic Canada there are 41 CBDC offices dedicated to the development of small business and assisting entrepreneurs in accessing financing and other business training and resources.

What We Do
As Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs), our objective is to help build stronger communities in Atlantic Canada by stimulating private sector employment in our rural areas. CBDCs work throughout rural Atlantic Canada in the creation, expansion and modernization of small and medium sized businesses.

What We Have To Offer Entrepreneurs
CBDCs have much to offer both new and existing entrepreneurs as you will see by reviewing our line-up of business loans and support services.