Helping Business Grow in Labrador
CBDC Labrador offers help to entrepreneurs and promising start-ups who have growth potential and meet a need within regions of Labrador.

CBDC Labrador's primary goal is to encourage employment and entrepreneurial activity throughout Labrador through the provision of investment capital and advisory services. One of it's main objectives is to help enterprises by removing barriers for success. We offer a range of services that can contribute support and guidance for the business start-up and development process.

CBDC Labrador has provided more than $20 Million to develop small businesses in Labrador

CBDCs have much to offer both new and existing entrepreneurs as you will see from our line-up of loan programs - in the side menu. Providing information services and assistance with business plans and studies to new and existing businesses is also an important part of the CBDCS' mandate. Our total package of services help to stimulate economic development and small business growth, resulting in permanent employment for the communities of the CBDC regions.

Choose from the side menu of Loan programs and support services and contact us to discuss your idea.
Here's How it Works
Do you have a great business idea, or are you already in business and want to expand or introduce a new product or technology? Are you looking for finance and support to help develop your business? If you answered yes, then CBDC Labrador may be able to help.
Step 1 - Contact CBDC Labrador
The first step is to make contact with CBDC Labrador to discuss your idea and how we might be able to assist you with our programs and services.
Step 2 - Business Plan
Once you have discussed your idea and determined that you may be eligible for a CBDC loan or service. You will need to develop a business plan, with cashflow statements and required financial documents. The CBDC staff can provide guidance on your business plan and cashflows.

The more prepared these documents are, the better, as they will form the basis of your loan application. There is a business plan templates available through our website or you may choose to use an alternative format but please remember that all basic business plan information must be included.
Step 3 - Complete the Required Applications
Once your business plan and cash flow forecast are completed, CBDC Labrador can then work with you to provide the required application forms. Your business plan and application form can then be submitted for review and consideration for funding.
STEP 4 – Getting the Business Started
If your application for a CBDC loan or program support is successful, you will work with our staff to finalize the financial arrangements and reporting requirements. You may also want to discuss with our staff any requirements you may have for counselling or training.

You will then start to repay your loan based on the arrangements of your agreement with CBDC Labrador. You will be required to pay back the loan within the terms of the payment schedule and interest rate of your agreement.